Our Services


Our staff which is assigned to a project has been carefully trained by professionals and instructed and briefed by the project managers. The employee will be supervised during their work and will be involved in the process in order to obtain an ownership of the work they are asked to do. We believe that we must pass the project brief details to each and every staff member in order to achieve the best results.


The designs are checked by the supervisor and approved by the technical director. Alterations based on construction changes are

revised and the redesign details are submitted to all involved. It requires an effective line of communication and constant supervision and site presence to enable a seamless modification.


We recommend in detail all the equipment for the complete project based on its purpose. All materials are specified in terms of make, origin, size and type. It is our responsibility to check that the specifications are matching the description of the tender documents. ADIC International will also ensure that the equipment is free of damage and functional.

Site inspections and site meetings are essential to ensure that a good communication takes place in all aspects of the work required. The latest updated information’s are channeled directly to the team in order to ensure its implementation which will safe time and costs. Permanent supervision is guaranteed by the presence of a ADIC representative to ensure that all installations are correct and the timings are met.